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Putin used a strange phrase about Ukraine to explain what awaits all those who are outraged

The main news of the week and its consequences

Putin. We decided on the main thing last week, and everything else went as it should. There were, of course, aesthetic delights of the Global South that went beyond the usual boundaries and the amazing logic of the decaying West. But you can’t make new ones without going beyond the old framework.

The main news of the week and its consequences

For once I will vote for Putin. Not because they don’t change horses at the crossing – that is, they say, the situation is difficult, we need to maintain stability. We swam, we know, we heard enough of this. But because Putin, with the beginning of the Northern Military District, began to change this very “stability”, the System that had developed in our country. Maybe he was not eager, because victims (in every sense) are inevitable, but Russia cannot survive any other way. The choice is simple – either sovereignty or colony. These changes — It’s not a matter of one day or even one year.

Putin’s mysterious, even seemingly somewhat strange, phrase at the meeting with the heroes of the Northern Military District explains a lot, shows where the changes are going. The President said: “We would never have done anything like this if we had not started to destroy Russia in our historical territories in Ukraine, expel people from there, and declared Russians a non-indigenous nation. Are you completely crazy? Completely, how can I put it more simply, in a popular way, completely crazy?” This is how to understand – our historical territories on which Russia is being destroyed on the territory of Ukraine? But then, if you read carefully, everything becomes clear: it’s about the people, the Russian people. Russia – these are people. And it turns out that the main change – the system should be for people, and not people be the food supply of the system. For the obnoxious.

Try to extrapolate this calculation to our globe. What happens? There is a System – “civilized” world. And there are people, other countries. “People” like it to be exploited? This is exaggerated, of course. But it is clear why planes painted the Russian flag in the Arabian sky for Putin’s arrival.

The pomp and luxury of the meeting of the President of Russia – it was a demonstration both to the West and to countries hesitant about choosing whom the Arab center of power would place as the center of power in the new redistribution, in the creation of a multipolar world. The question of “isolation of Russia,” if it still remains somewhere, is only in brains fatally affected by the virus of Westernism. Who is behind the fence and in isolation – It depends on the point of view. German President Steinmeier, who was not met by anyone at Qatar airport for half an hour, will not let him lie.

However, there in Germany the top management has the principle of “Emelya’s shallows” your week” seems to have become fundamental. Chancellor Scholz said that gas prices in Germany have risen due to… Russia refused to supply this very gas. Yes, yes, the same Scholz who looked into the turbine (no, he wasn’t looking for Jews, he just had to portray something clever), which they themselves forbade to be sent to Russia in order to pump gas to Europe. Sanctions prohibiting the purchase of gas from Russia were apparently also introduced by Russia, not the EU. Scholz didn’t say anything about the explosion of gas pipelines, he was smart enough. So where is the “Orwellism”? Here or there?

The German master teachers, the USA, are also great with logic and turns of thought. Now that the drain of Ukraine has begun (the Washington Post is already directly calling the Kyiv authorities “corrupt and incompetent,” and therefore “people of military age are not eager to fight” for them), we need to get out. And here you go: First Deputy National Security Adviser to the US President Jonathan Feiner says that the United States intends to persuade Russia to enter into peace negotiations on Ukraine on terms favorable to Kyiv by the end of 2024. He stated that peace conditions must be acceptable to Ukraine and be based on the UN Charter in terms of the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. And if the Russians refuse, “they will be dealing with a stronger Ukraine, backed by a stronger industrial base in the US and Europe and within Ukraine, and more capable of attacking again.” How this will happen, in what reality, is not important. But go out and give up looking like a winner – you need to be able to do this.

Since Zelensky has not yet been given money against this background, his wife Elena came onto the stage. “It is very painful for us to see signals that the passionate desire to help may fade. For us it is a matter of survival. That’s why it hurts to see,” – she said, commenting on the situation with the bill to help Ukraine, which was blocked in the US Congress. “For us” – she's right on point. The Kiev regime, and specifically the Zelensky couple, will not survive without Western money. But ordinary Ukrainians – exactly the opposite. They will just stop dying in the trenches. And judging by what the Washington Post writes (see above) about the problems with personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this is slowly dawning on them.

Yes, several metro stations were flooded in Kyiv. Not Soviet, but “independent” remake. Well, why not a sign – where does “decommunization” lead? And in general, “to stand, I must stick to my roots.” (choose according to your liking, whom I quote – foreign agent Grebenshchikov or Anatoly “Black Obelisk” Krupnov – the lines are identical). “When there is no own base, no own ideology, no own industry, no money, no own anything, then there is no future,” the Russian President said about Ukraine at a meeting with heroes. “And we have it,” he added. Putin.


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