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Tests with a mock-up of the Angara have been completed at the Vostochny Cosmodrome

MOSCOW, December 11 Comprehensive testing of the launch infrastructure for Angara rockets at the Vostochny Cosmodrome using an electric refueling mock-up of the carrier has been completed, reported Monday “Roscosmos”.
“At the Vostochny Space Center at the launch pad for the Angara heavy-class rockets, complex tests with the Angara-NZh product were completed,” the message says.
It is noted that specialists from the state corporation’s enterprises carried out all the necessary checks as part of the first stage of testing.

“The temperature control system of the electric refueling prototype worked normally, and electrical checks were successfully carried out. The calculation carried out partial and complete filling of the model with rocket fuel components – liquid oxygen and naphthyl. The refueling systems worked without any problems,” Roscosmos emphasized.

It is specified that after all operations with the Angara- NZH” and draining the rocket fuel components, it was transferred to a horizontal position and taken to a technical position in the installation and testing complex.

Construction of the complex for the Angara on Vostochny began in 2018. Model of the Angara-NZH “(ground liquid) – is an exact copy of the rocket with all the systems that are used during the preparation of rockets for launch. The first flight of the Angara-A5 from the new cosmodrome is expected in the first quarter of 2024.


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