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A microprocessor-controlled knee prosthesis has been developed in Russia

MOSCOW, December 13The Metallist enterprise of the Rostec state corporation has developed a bionic knee module “Comet” with microprocessor control for lower limb prosthetics, the corporation reported.
“The Moscow Production Association “Metallist” (MPO “Metalist”) of the Rostec state corporation has developed a bionic knee module “Comet” with a built-in microprocessor for lower limb prosthetics. The module is capable of operating on a single charge for 10 days, which is currently an unattainable indicator for manufacturers of similar products,” the statement says.

It is noted that the Comet bionic knee module is intended for users of prostheses with an average and high level of motor activity. The microprocessor built into the prosthesis collects and processes data in real time at a speed of more than a thousand times per second, and the neural network predicts the rhythm and pattern of walking. This allows you to use the prosthesis in various ways – from a calm step to easy running. The ultra-durable module housing is manufactured using additive printing from a unique Russian alloy RS-553 and protects electronic components from deformation and mechanical damage.

“The demand for prosthetics in the Russian market is high. Previously, products came from abroad. Now we produce components for prosthetics at Rostec enterprises, successfully carrying out import substitution measures. Our products, including those that have no Russian analogues, are comparable to the best foreign samples and are optimal in terms of price and quality ratio,” the message quotes the comment of Rostec Deputy General Director Maxim Vybornykh.

Thanks to the involvement of doctors, rehabilitation therapists, prosthetists and active users of prostheses in the design of the knee module, the developers managed to create a device that meets the requirements of end consumers, and in some respects it is superior to world analogues. The new module will be put into mass production after final tests in the first quarter of 2024, the report notes.
MPO “Metalist” is the oldest prosthetic enterprise in Russia, a manufacturer of a wide range of components for the industry of prosthetic and orthopedic products.
The Rostec State Corporation unites over 800 scientific and industrial organizations in 60 regions of the country. It also develops high-tech civilian production in industries that are strategically important for the country, such as aircraft manufacturing, engine building, transport and energy engineering, medical instrument making, pharmaceuticals, and new materials. Consolidated revenue in 2022 exceeded 2.1 trillion rubles, the share of civilian products was 44.5%.


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