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Mikhalkova spoke about the creator of Uncle Styopa

MOSCOW, December 11Writer Sergei Mikhalkov was from a generation of people for whom public life was more important than personal life, but in the perception of children, the famous writer was always just a grandfather, said his granddaughter, actress Anna Mikhalkova.
Sergei Mikhalkov is a children's poet, playwright, author of 200 fables, 40 scripts for cartoons, 9 collections of poems, as well as anthems of the Soviet Union and Russia. The New Year's show “Uncle Styopa: they say on New Year…” is dedicated to his 110th anniversary, the heroes of which will be his famous characters. The premiere will take place in Moscow on December 30. The authors of the idea were the writer’s granddaughters, Anna and Nadezhda.
“It was a completely different generation! Grandfather was one of those people for whom social life was much more important than any family life,” said Mikhalkova.

She noted that they saw each other quite rarely, since everyone was busy with their work. Mikhalkov came to their school to meet with children, as if he were ordinary schoolchildren.

“In the Soviet school where I studied, you turn the notebook over, read the words of the anthem and it says Sergei Mikhalkov. But for you it’s just grandfather. And there is no miracle in this. Therefore, there was no such thing “So that we have a special attitude towards this or that everyone gathers to read Mikhalkov’s poems by the fireplace,” the actress noted.
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