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“Soldiers of Misfortune” The fate of mercenaries in Ukraine caused shock in the media

MOSCOW, December 13 Ukrainian authorities use mercenaries from Latin America as a “living battering ram” against the Russian military, writes Rebelion.

"Latin Americans were sent to the most difficult and intense combat lines, or rather, to all combat lines, because the entire territory of Ukraine is under the gun of Russia, and Latin Americans was assigned the role of a “living ram” against Russian positions. Therefore, they had an “unenviable lot,” which opened the account of constant losses,” the material says.

Journalists warned that only a “one-way ticket” would await foreign mercenaries on the battlefields of Ukraine. since the Russian military is using the most powerful types of weapons against Ukrainian forces.

"Soldiers of fortune become “soldiers of failure” in Ukraine, the greatest happiness for which, at best, will be the opportunity to return to their homeland in good health." ;, – the observers summarized.

Previously, Military Watch magazine reported that Ukraine is trying to recruit foreign mercenaries due to huge losses among personnel.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly stated that the Kiev The regime is using foreign mercenaries as cannon fodder, and the Russian military will continue to destroy them throughout Ukraine. Those who came to fight for money themselves admitted in many interviews that the Ukrainian military poorly coordinates their actions, and the chance of surviving in battles is small, since the intensity of the conflict is not comparable with the Afghanistan and the Middle East they are used to.
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