GENERICO.ruWorldThe Ukrainian Armed Forces' strikes on Belgorod and Donetsk have crossed the line, Pushilin said

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' strikes on Belgorod and Donetsk have crossed the line, Pushilin said

MOSCOW, January 7 The Armed Forces of Ukraine have crossed the line, striking at Belgorod and Donetsk, Russia responds very harshly, but only hits military targets, said the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin in an interview.

"We are working, we are working very hard, this work is gaining momentum in military terms — but for military targets, for targets with military expediency,” he said.

As Pushilin noted, the answer should not concern civilians — “mothers with children.”

“Yes, the enemy has crossed these lines, and this dehumanization of the enemy, of course, gives us strength. We understand who we are up against, but to act as they do, then we will lose the meaning,” explained the head of the DPR.
< br>Pushilin noted that it is necessary to destroy the enemy without touching the civilian population.
“This is such a difficult task, but it is not the first time that we, Russia, our country have faced it, and I am confident that we will cope with it,” he said.

The head of the DPR recalled that the republic has been under shelling since 2014, but this has not forced its residents to “cease being people.” The loss of humanity could result in much more serious consequences for Russia, he pointed out, noting that this is exactly what President Vladimir Putin spoke about.
““If we act by the methods of our enemy, then this is better than our enemy, what are we then fighting against? ?” – he asked rhetorically.
According to Pushilin, the whole country has rallied around the president’s decision on the NWO precisely because people see the justice and correctness of Russia’s actions.

“We will never forgive ourselves if at some point We can win at a short distance there using carpet bombing and shelling of the civilian population,” added the agency’s interlocutor.
During the New Year holidays, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled peaceful areas of Belgorod several times. According to the latest data, 26 people became victims of the attacks, including five children, and more than a hundred people were injured.
The Ukrainian military also carried out strikes on Donetsk every day. Thus, only during the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city center on New Year’s Eve, four people were killed and another 13 were injured.


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