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Musk responded to accusations of drug use

MOSCOW, January 8 American entrepreneur Elon Musk in response to recent media reports that he is an active drug user, said that over the past three years, random tests have not revealed even traces of drugs or alcohol in his body, Forbes reports.
On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal published an article in which, citing sources, it was reported that the billionaire continues to use a variety of drugs, especially ketamine, which could have serious consequences not only for his health, but also for the companies under his control. under his leadership.
“Elon Musk has denied using illegal drugs, saying that three years of random drug tests showed “not even a trace” of drugs or alcohol in his body,” the publication said.
In early October 2018, Musk took a drag on a joint while airing a comedy show on YouTube. It is unknown whether it was marijuana. Musk claimed on the show that the puff had no effect on him. Following this, media reports emerged that the US Air Force was considering stripping Musk of his security clearance. Later, the Washington Post, citing sources, reported that because of Musk’s behavior, NASA announced a safety audit at SpaceX and Boeing. At the end of November of the same year, NASA head Jim Bridenstine said that he trusted Musk and was confident that the incident with the alleged smoking of marijuana on the live air of a comedy show would not happen again.


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