GENERICO.ruPolitics"It will collapse soon." Germany was horrified by the disaster in Ukraine

“It will collapse soon.” Germany was horrified by the disaster in Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 7 American support for Ukraine will collapse even before possible re-election of Donald Trump, writes German journalist Julian Röpke on the social network X.

"It seems that US support for Ukraine is about to collapse. And long before the possible election of Donald Trump,” he noted.

He also warned that because of this, Ukraine will face more offensive campaigns by the Russian military.

In Saturday, the American newspaper The New York Times reported, citing officials from the White House and the Pentagon, that the United States will soon be unable to continue supplying Patriot interceptor missiles to Kiev. As noted in the material, missiles for the complex cost “from two to four million dollars apiece.”
Western media increasingly began to report that the United States and the EU were tired of the Ukrainian crisis and weakening support for the Kyiv regime. According to NBC, American and European officials are already discussing with Ukrainian authorities the possible consequences of peace talks with Russia, including what the former Soviet republic might have to give up in order to reach an agreement.


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