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Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on January 9

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Day 685. Shelling of the territory of the Belgorod region, including the capital, continued. After a power failure, a significant part of the Kherson region is de-energized, and interruptions in mobile communications and the Internet may occur. In Ukraine, airfields are being prepared for F-16 fighters.

Events, statements, economy

Retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko said that Western military equipment, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces have, is stuck in snow drifts in a number of areas in the air defense zone.

Air defense forces destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the Saratov region.

Air defense forces destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the Saratov region.

Air defense forces destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the Saratov region.

Air defense forces destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the Saratov region.

Air defense forces destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the Saratov region.

Air defense forces destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the Saratov region.

Reconnaissance officers of the “West” group of troops identified the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the zone of a special military operation in the Kupyansk direction and transmitted coordinates for their destruction, the Russian Ministry of Defense told journalists.

According to the ABC News channel, the chief physician of the hospital in Dnepr, Sergei Ryzhenko, confirmed that the number of seriously wounded Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers has increased by 30% over the past few weeks.

Washington Post: if Congress does not approve the allocation of additional funds to Kiev, Ukraine will face catastrophe.

The Canadian hockey player who received a Russian passport said that he was glad to become part of the country

CTV: Ukraine did not receive the NASAMS air defense system purchased by Canada from the United States for Kiev

Head of Kharkov OVA Oleg Sinegubov confirmed the missile attack on Kharkov, specifying that it was launched from the S-300 air defense system from Belgorod.

Scholz wants to hold a separate debate on weapons for Ukraine at the EU summit

Kharkov Mayor Igor Terekhov said that the Russian Armed Forces launched a missile attack on the city.

In Germany, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (the largest opposition party in the Bundestag) Friedrich Merz criticized the larger payments to Ukrainian refugees compared to other applicants from other countries.

Focus magazine: Germany may become the biggest loser in the conflict in Ukraine after Independence itself.

< p>Ukrainian media reported explosions in Konstantinovka, which is under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in the Donetsk region.

The World Bank has improved the forecast for economic growth of the Russian Federation in 2024 to 1.3%.

Russian Ministry of Defense: funds Russian air defense destroyed a Ukrainian shell from the Uragan MLRS and a Ukrainian aircraft-type drone over the Belgorod region.

RIA Novosti: Advisor to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Podolyak believes that changes to the mobilization bill should be adopted as quickly as possible.< /p>

Reuters: Ukrainian President Zelensky held talks with his Polish counterpart Duda.

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma clarifying the burial procedure for SVO participants.

Roskomnadzor: the website of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine is blocked in Russia due to repeated posting of prohibited content.

Gladkov: public transport stops in Belgorod will be strengthened with concrete blocks and sandbags.

Shopping centers in Belgorod have reduced their opening hours and will now close at 20:00 Moscow time, Governor Gladkov said.

Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Moiseev said that Russians began to export gold from the country “in their pockets” so as not to pay duty: “Why pay, say, 7% – there is a different percentage depending on the exchange rate – if you don’t have to pay. We stuffed it into our pockets and went.” According to him, the authorities are already working on restrictions on the export of gold by individuals.

Musician Maxim Tesli, lead singer of the group “Puppies”, received a summons to the military registration and enlistment office for military registration. Earlier today, the artist was placed under administrative arrest for performing at a concert almost naked.

Sevastopol Governor Razvozhaev called advertisements that allegedly appeared in the city with calls to leave the city because of “expected missile strikes” fakes.

“I apologize for hitting you with a bottle”: those who beat up a SVO soldier in Tyumen were detained

CDU MP Merz called on German Chancellor Scholz to send the Taurus to Ukraine as soon as possible.

The mayor of Orel Parakhin reported that one apartment building was damaged as a result of a drone fall – the windows were broken.

Deputy Kartapolov said that “there is no need to disband the mobilized”

Governor of the Bryansk region Bogomaz: “ An attempt by Ukrainian terrorists to carry out an attack using a UAV was stopped. An aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed over the Bryansk region by air defense forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. There were no casualties or damage.”

Shoigu said that the Russian Ministry of Defense will form a serial line of all types of drones – from ultra-small to heavy attack ones.

Starovoit: “And another aircraft-type UAV was shot down over the Kurchatovsky district.”

Kursk governor Starovoit: “This afternoon, the village of Gornal, Sudzhansky district, was shelled from Ukraine. A woman died from shrapnel. I express my condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. As a result of the shelling, 2 houses were damaged.”

Three people were injured as a result of an attack by Ukrainian drones on fuel and energy facilities in the Oryol region, the governor said.

Finland will not open a checkpoint on the border with Russia, said the head of the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Air defense systems went off in the sky over Kursk, the regional governor Starovoit said.

112: two people were injured in a drone attack to fuel and energy complex facilities in Orel.

Governor of the Oryol Region Klychkov: “In the city of Orel, two unmanned aerial vehicles crashed onto a fuel and energy complex facility. The fire was quickly localized, and the necessary assistance is being provided.”

< p>Telegram channel 112 reports that in Orel, “a kamikaze drone flew into a tank on the territory of the Orelnefteprodukt oil depot.”

The dollar exchange rate on the Moscow Exchange dropped below 90 rubles.

Hyundai plant in St. -St. Petersburg came out of idle mode. Assembly lines were stopped in March 2022.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation again put Mikhail Khodorkovsky on the wanted list (included in the register of foreign agents), against whom a criminal case was opened for fakes about the army.

SVO participant was beaten by teenagers for making a remark

Shoigu: the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2023 amounted to 215 thousand people and 28 thousand pieces of equipment.

Peskov did not comment on the statements of Serbian volunteers in the Northern Military District about the poor attitude of their commanders: “There’s no way. This concerns progress of a special military operation, of course, this information, which is published, is available to everyone, it is the exclusive prerogative of the Ministry of Defense.”

Peskov: the Kiev regime does not disdain shelling civilian targets, the Russian military will do everything to minimize the danger.

Kursk Governor Starovoit: “In the first eight days of 2024, the region was shelled 41 times, since the beginning of the Northern Military District – 1906 times Kursk the region was subjected to shelling from Ukraine. There were 68 civilians injured and wounded since the beginning of the North War, unfortunately, 8 people were killed. There were no casualties in the first days of 2024.”

The state budget deficit of Ukraine at the end of 2023 amounted to UAH 1.33 trillion, the Ministry of Finance reported.

Over the past 24 hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired about 25 ammunition into populated areas of the Belgorod region, 10 air targets were shot down by air defense systems.

The government claims that the production volumes of drones for the Ukrainian army are too low, said Yuri Kasyanov, a specialist in the development and production of drones, an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. in an interview with the YouTube channel Radio NV.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out 88 artillery strikes on populated areas on the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region during the day, a source familiar with the situation told reporters on Tuesday.

It is necessary to complete the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine in its entirety, head of the DPR Denis Pushilin said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Emergency repair work to restore power supply in several municipal districts of the Kherson region is complicated by strong winds and icing of power line wires , it is planned to completely eliminate the accident on Tuesday, said regional governor Vladimir Saldo.

There should be no illusions that the West will stop helping Ukraine, said the head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin. According to him, Western countries are indifferent to the fate of Ukraine.

The internal audit of the Ministry of Defense over the past 4 months has revealed violations of more than 10 billion UAH, – Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

Sappers installed anti-tank mines near the positions of Ukrainian militants on neutral territory in the Zaporozhye direction engineer battalion of the Southern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces. The commander of the 539th platoon spoke about this.


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