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“The most powerful.” The general revealed that Russia blew up in Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 7. Ukraine, as a result of a missile strike by the Russian Aerospace Forces, lost enterprises that could have produced the most powerful missiles in the country, said retired General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Krivonos on the YouTube channel “News Factory.”
““We have power” leaks “data (on the Internet – editor's note) about enterprises that were capable of producing powerful weapons, these enterprises suffer enormous damage, and no one is responsible for this,” the expert was indignant.
According to him, the Kiev officials dream only of winning elections and staying in their offices.

“What kind of victory in the war can we talk about?” — the general asked.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that recently 50 group strikes and one massive strike were carried out on the territory of Ukraine with precision weapons and drones. The targets were military-industrial complex facilities, military airfields, arsenals, and military locations. All designated objects were hit, the department specified.


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