GENERICO.ruCrimeIn the Urals they will check the story about a driver with a stroke and the indifference of inspectors

In the Urals they will check the story about a driver with a stroke and the indifference of inspectors

YEKATERINBURG, January 12The police will check the circumstances of the story that on the Yekaterinburg-Tyumen highway, a driver who suffered a stroke allegedly suffered in front of the inspectors, for whom an ambulance was not called for a long time, the press service of the regional traffic police reported.
Earlier, the local portal E1.RU wrote that a truck driver from Kamyshlov died from a stroke for six hours in front of inspectors. Returning from a flight, he had an accident, and the traffic police officers who arrived at the scene decided that the truck driver was drunk and left him to “sober up” in the cab without calling an ambulance. Already in the hospital, the man was diagnosed with a stroke, he is in intensive care, the publication specified.

According to the State Traffic Inspectorate, the accident occurred on the morning of January 5 at the 157th kilometer of the Ekaterinburg-Tyumen highway. The driver of a Volvo FH-Track truck, unable to maintain a safe lateral interval, collided with a Kamaz.
“” Traffic police officers interviewed the drivers. The men did not express any complaints about their health. Since traffic was difficult, traffic inspectors passed information about the accident to a representative of the driver's employer, after which they took measures to ensure road safety in the area… registered an accident. At that moment his partner was next to the driver,” follows from the traffic police report.
The department noted that, judging by the waybill, before being released onto the line, the man passed a medical check and was allowed to drive vehicles.
“”The truck driver's employer, who subsequently arrived, told the police that the man had signs of a stroke, after which the citizen was hospitalized. The management of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Sverdlovsk Region ordered an inspection. If the information is confirmed, then adequate response measures will follow,” they added. press service.


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