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Zapashny visited the lioness Kiara, who lives with the fighters in the Northern Military District zone

DONETSK, January 10The director of the Great Moscow Circus, Edgard Zapashny, arrived at the location of the Espanyola volunteer battalion in the special operation zone to visit the one-and-a-half-year-old lioness Kiara. He himself spoke about this.
Russian fighters rescued the animal from the Mariupol zoo during the storming of the city in the spring of 2022, since then she has been living with them.

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“Today with my comrade Vitaly Gogunsky I came here (to the location of the Espanyola battalion. – Ed.) to see everything for myself eyes and immerse yourself in a certain problem. I see that it is very important for the guys that the animal stays with them, it is their talisman,” said the artist.

In “Espaniola” Zapashny’s colleague served as a former circus performer with the call sign Tsirkova, who headed the battalion’s canine service. He died along with the lion cub he was caring for.

In addition to the lioness, a family of Alabais lives in the battalion’s nursery, which recently gave birth. This is a good indicator that the animals are in comfortable conditions, explained the director of the BMC.

According to him, negative expectations regarding the maintenance and condition of animals in the special operation zone were not justified.

So, a whole pool was allocated for the lioness Kiara. The number of residential meters she has is more than required by the state norm. In the future, someone may be assigned to her. At the same time, the most important thing is the animal’s constant communication with people, the agency’s interlocutor emphasized.
In addition, he brought about 100 kilograms of meat to the lioness, and laptops to the battalion fighters.

“To be in a unit where football fans, real men, strong guys who are responsible for their words and defend our Motherland serve, is a great honor for me,” admitted Zapashny.

The artist expressed gratitude for being allowed to visit the Espanyola location.


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