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“Absurd”: Zelensky’s next meeting sparked anger on the Internet

MOSCOW, January 14 Social network users X attacked the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky after his meeting in Kiev with the new head of the French Foreign Ministry, Stephane Sejournet, during which they discussed joint production of weapons and the “peace formula” of the Ukrainian leader.
On Saturday, Sejournet arrived on his first visit to Ukraine after his appointment to the post and promised Kiev continued support from Paris.

“Now he is going to swindle some money out of France,” said Karen.

“He explains to everyone in turn how every euro they ( Western leaders. – Ed.) give him, it will be returned to their personal accounts,” Randy Menton shared his opinion.
“Welcome to Kiev. By the way, do you have a few billion extra?” — Matty Bromley sneered, retelling a possible dialogue between Zelensky and Sejournet.
“This “peace formula” is absurd,” ingrid Jacobs was indignant.
“You are selling your country’s minerals to the West,” Mr. Anderson summed up the results of the meeting.
Before the planned meeting with Vladimir Zelensky, Sejournet said that representatives of France would make “a number of visits” to understand “what Ukrainians need today,” the BFMTV channel reported.
Stéphane Sejournet became the new head of the French Foreign Ministry last year Thursday.


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