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Tikhon Zhiznevsky: “Maybe now they will associate me with the Troubadour”

MOSCOW, December 30, Anastasia Silkina. Major Igor Grom, Maxim Shustov in “Fire”, Koltsov in the series “Swamp”, Ivan Maisky in the “First Oscar” – on January 1, the list of major film roles of Tikhon Zhiznevsky will be replenished with the Troubadour in the musical comedy “The Musicians of Bremen”. The actor spoke about his new job, rebellion and superheroes in an interview.

About fairy tales and the role of dreams

— Tikhon, for whom is “The Town Musicians of Bremen” – for children or their parents who remember the Soviet cartoon?

— This is for children, and for parents, and for parents’ parents, because the cartoon has become real bonds. Modern mothers and fathers show it to their children.
— Do you show it to yours?
— He is still a year and a half old, and he watches literally two cartoons: about the bear and “Zhiharka.” But he already loves it when books are read to him.

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— The Troubadour and especially the Princess are standard rebels. Can you say this about yourself?

– No, I’m not a rebel at all and never have been. He loved to bully, clown, and have fun. But don't rebel.
— This is a musical comedy. What is your relationship with music?
– Wonderful! My dad is very musical, since childhood I fell asleep next to the S-90 speaker with Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin turned on at full volume. And I play the acoustic guitar myself.

— Have you dreamed of the role of Troubadour?

“I don’t know where this information came from.” (Laughs.) I just really wanted to participate in a musical fairy tale, a musical, to sing and dance. In general, I wanted to play the bald king in The Flying Ship, but I didn’t succeed. (Laughs.)
— Perhaps this role is still ahead.
— No, it’s already been filmed. I wanted to play the old man as a young man. This is some kind of “fool” of mine. (Smiles.)

About superheroes and thrillers

— Next year is rich in your premieres. We will also see you in the continuation of the story “Major Thunder”, the series “Killer Inside” and “Crime and Punishment”, and this is very different from the colorful good fairy tale. Which genres are closer to you?

— You have to try yourself everywhere. Personally, I'm interested in psychological thrillers. But the fairy tale was also interesting.
— In the series “Inside the Killer” you play an investigator. You are already associated with the characters “while performing.” What can viewers expect from this hero?
— This is not “Major Thunder” at all, it’s a different genre: not a comic book, but a thriller. Here my character, Timofey, will not, unlike Thunder, beat 200 people at a time, he is not a superhero.

— Who do you think is a superhero in real life?

— I don’t know… I asked myself the question: who is the hero of our time? A person who reflects today's society, everyday life. And so far I don’t have an answer.
— Are people so different today?
— Yes, for some incomprehensible time. Maybe I'll see the answer in a movie.

— The action of “A Killer Inside” was transferred from America to Russia, “Crime and Punishment” – to the 21st century. How do you feel about this?

– I think that's right. The problematics of such works as Dostoevsky's novel are relevant at any time, which is what makes them great. The questions are the same, and it doesn’t matter in what reality. Seeing the hero not in a frock coat, but in a simple jacket is closer to the modern viewer. The only thing is that there are linguistic difficulties: Dostoevsky’s language has been preserved, but it is difficult to put it into a modern way. At that time, people expressed their thoughts much better through the Russian language.

— Nowadays you are more often presented as the “star of Major Thunder.” What role would you choose as the title role? Or has it not yet been played?
— “Major Thunder” managed to reach a very large audience; there is a comic book fan base. And yet they are associated with both “Fire” and the TV series “Swamp”. Maybe now they will be with Troubadour! But I wouldn’t like to be associated with any specific hero, so I try to choose different projects and not always play police officers. (Laughs.)

— Do you have enough time to work at the Alexandrinsky Theater?
— Yes, I’ve been rehearsing for two months now, you could say I’m living in the theater. At the end of January there will be a premiere, “Resurrection” by Tolstoy, directed by Nikita Kobelev, our new chief director. I play Nekhlyudov.

— Some of your colleagues say that they work in cinema for the sake of money, but theater is art. Is this close to you?
—I’m not one of those people. I think this is said by those who are not very good at cinema. But it seems to me that I have wonderful projects – in terms of scale, directors. I am often really interested in cinema.
— “The Musicians of Bremen” has every chance of entering the category of New Year’s films. Do you have a favorite painting in this genre? Do you adhere to any traditions?
— There is no tradition as such, but when “The Irony of Fate” or “The Diamond Arm” appears on the screen, I watch them with pleasure for the hundredth time. This is cinema for the ages.


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