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The eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin received about 200 million rubles for 2020 from her own company, which was paid only by Sogaz

Vladimir Putin’s daughter Maria Vorontsova received about 200 million rubles in 2020 in the form of dividends from the profits of the NOMECO company she founded; All the money for the company came from the clinic of the Sogaz insurance company, which is owned by top managers of NOMECO. This follows from an investigation of Alexei Navalny’s associates.

NOMECO (“New Medical Company”) appeared only in 2019, Vorontsova is listed as a member of the company’s Board of Directors. The very next year, the company's revenue amounted to 840 million rubles, of which almost 600 million rubles were net profit. Of this money, Vorontsova received 191 million rubles in the form of dividends, taking into account taxes, and she also received 9.6 million rubles in salary during the year, according to the Federal Tax Service data available to investigators.

In 2021 and in 2022, the company’s net profit exceeded 800 million rubles. There is no exact data on dividends and salaries paid to the president’s daughter. According to approximate estimates of the opposition, in three years Vorontsova could receive 944 million rubles from NOMECO.

At the same time, as the politician’s associates found out, all NOMECO funds came from the Sogaz clinic. “The generosity and involvement in government affairs of the SOGAZ clinic can be explained simply: among its owners was Putin’s friend Yuri Kovalchuk,” noted investigator Georgy Alburov. He also clarified that the insurance clinics treated Wagner PMC mercenaries and “escorts for senior Russian officials.”

Already in August 2022, NOMECO bought the SOGAZ Medicine group of clinics, that is, the new owners were top -NOMECO managers.

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