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The flag of Ukraine will burn together with the emergency American module

MOSCOW, January 18. The Peregrine lunar probe, whose mission was declared a failure, carries the flag of Ukraine on board, writes
As the publication notes, Peregrine carried various cargoes, in particular, “the flag and map of Ukraine on a metal plate” hosted by the Ukrainian-British company Spacebit.
On Monday, Astrobotic CEO John Thornton said the failed Peregrine mission will end on January 18. He said the mission “taught a lot and gave me a lot of confidence that the next mission to the Moon will achieve a soft landing.” On Sunday, the company reported that the lunar lander is moving towards the Earth and will burn up in its atmosphere.

Designed for landing on the Moon, the Peregrine spacecraft launched into space on the morning of January 8 on a new generation Vulcan launch vehicle. The Astrobotic company, which created it under a contract with NASA, reported about the problems that had arisen approximately eight hours after the launch, noting that the spacecraft could not take a stable orientation towards the Sun.

Later, specialists managed to orient the solar antennas of the module towards the Sun and charge its battery, but at the same time it became known about a fuel leak, which, according to Astrobotic, makes its soft landing on the Moon impossible.
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