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British Deputy Science Minister could not distinguish Mars from the Sun

MOSCOW, January 17 British Deputy Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology Andrew Griffith, who is in charge of space projects, confused the Sun with Mars, and Jupiter with Saturn during a visit to the London Science Museum, follows from an article in House.
“Everything becomes clear when he points to a sphere hanging in the Science Museum, which changes its appearance from planet to planet, and declares: “And this is our Mars!”, after which an employee gently informs him that it is in fact the Sun ” Undeterred, Griffith exclaims: “This is Saturn! ” As the planet changes. An employee intervenes: “No, no, this is Jupiter,” the article says.
The politician, whose words are quoted by the publication, does not hide , who is still learning how to work in his new position after being appointed in November. Griffith also noted that he is not an “encyclopedia.”

In an interview with House, the deputy minister called the very idea of ​​space exploration exciting, but emphasized that he would not pay to go there as a space tourist. “This is for other people,” he says.

The minister also said that the UK is a “great space power” whose research and innovation are needed to realize projects to colonize Mars. Commenting on attracting private capital to the industry, he noted that this requires a classic solution in the form of “raising awareness.”
“I think having things like a space strategy, which the UK didn't have until recently, gives people a long-term road map to understand what we're doing as a government,” Griffith said.< br />


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