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Tyumen soldiers will try out a new electronic warfare system

TYUMEN, January 16 Soldiers of one of the units formed in the Tyumen region will test the electronic warfare system created by Tyumen residents on the front line protection against FPV drones, said the head of the region, Alexander Moor, in his Telegram channel.
“On my instructions, a new electronic warfare system was delivered to one of our units at the front line. The mobile installation was created by Tyumen residents to protect soldiers and equipment from FPV drones, which pose the most serious threat today,” Moor noted in the publication.
The governor explained that the system forms “something like a dome of electronic interference,” the device is easily mounted on the body of the vehicle, and there is also a remote control for control from the cab. He noted that the development is experimental, commanders have repeatedly spoken about the need for such a system, and the developers plan to release individual warning systems about the presence of drones.

In the video commentary, the fighter says that they will test the system and give feedback to the developers.


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