GENERICO.ruAutoAvtotor launched the production of trucks and pickups under its own brand Ambertruck

Avtotor launched the production of trucks and pickups under its own brand Ambertruck

The new commercial line includes models created together with “a number of partners.” The cars themselves have not yet been shown, and the plant’s partners have not yet been named.

A week ago, the Kaliningrad Avtotor plant announced the launch of its own “passenger” brand, Amberauto, to produce compact electric cars. The name, we recall, is derived from the word amber, which translates as “amber”, but amber is one of the symbols of the Kaliningrad region. So now Avtotor has announced the appearance of a similar brand for commercial vehicles with internal combustion engines – Ambertruck (or Ambertruck).

The company's press release notes that the Ambertruck brand development plan “involves the production of a wide range of commercial vehicles, work on which is taking place within the framework of technological cooperation with a number of partners”, and that the models are “adapted for use in Russian conditions , with the prospect of high localization of production.”

At the same time, the start of assembly of four models was announced, but there are no names or photos yet. Avtotor also did not disclose its partners – it is probably one of the Chinese manufacturers. By the way, the Kaliningrad plant now produces passenger cars from the “celestial” brands Kaiyi (partially owned by Chery), BAIC and SWM; in addition, the company will make a batch of Dongfeng crossovers upon order from the distributor. But let's return to the Ambertruck brand models.

Since partners are mentioned in the release, then we are most likely talking about cars from other companies with the emblems of the new Kaliningrad brand. It is reported that a pickup truck and three full-fledged trucks were put on the plant’s conveyor belt. The pickup has a total weight of 2.8 tons and a load capacity of 872 kg; the vehicle is equipped with a 2.5 turbodiesel with a power of 128 hp. The next option in terms of weight and load capacity is a medium-tonnage truck chassis with a gross weight of 3.5 or 5 tons, wheelbase – 3360 mm, one engine – 2.8 turbodiesel (109 hp). Next come large-tonnage trucks. The first is a universal cargo chassis, its total weight is 9.4 tons, the wheelbase is 3815 mm and 4500 mm, this model is powered by a 2.9 turbodiesel with a power of 156 hp. (later they can arrange the assembly of options with a total weight of 5.5 and 7.5 tons). The second large-capacity Ambertruck has a gross weight of 12 tons, a wheelbase of 4750 mm, this model has a 3.8 turbodiesel with a power of 170 hp. The press service of Avtotor also noted that the chassis of trucks “are prepared to be equipped with a wide range of universal and special superstructures, including sides, vans for various purposes, refrigerators, hydraulic lifts, garbage trucks, tow trucks, etc.”

Note , with the exception of the 12-ton truck, the rest of the Ambertrucks match the description of the JMC models: cooperation with this Chinese company was reported back in August last year, but then Avtotor deleted the release. It is possible that JMC itself asked for this for fear of falling under secondary sanctions.

More details about the Ambertruck models should appear in the near future.


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