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“He was unknown.” The media revealed who makes important decisions regarding Ukraine

MOSCOW, February 15 The most important decisions on Ukraine are not made government in Kiev, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson, writes The Washington Post.

"They are not being received by a former television comedian turned wartime leader <…>. No, they are being received in Washington by a previously little-known lawyer from Louisiana, who, contrary to all expectations, became Speaker of the House of Representatives last year,” the material says.

As the journalist noted, Johnson is ready to use his levers of global power to influence US foreign policy towards Ukraine in America's favor.

He also indicated that Ukraine and its allies are watching developments in Congress warily, hoping that a decision on further aid Kiev will be approved.
On Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill to allocate $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The authors excluded from the draft items on funding border security measures and reforms to combat the migration crisis in the United States itself.
House Speaker Mike Johnson previously said that no one would force congressmen to vote for the foreign aid bill received from the Senate , including Ukraine.
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