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“In the West they beg for mercy.” Russia did not see peaceful prospects

MOSCOW, February 16, Mikhail Katkov. International community, including Western leaders are calling on Israel to end its operation in the Gaza Strip. However, Tel Aviv, despite all persuasion, attacked Rafah on the border with Egypt. There are over a million civilians there, and this city is also a gateway for humanitarian aid supplies. About the prospects for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – in the material .
On their knees”Everyone is going to Tel Aviv. They are begging: please don't do this, protect civilians! Don't kill so many… How much is too much? What are the standards? Netanyahu doesn't listen to anyone. They are going to evacuate… Where? To the Moon “Where are they going to evacuate these people?” – Head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell does not hold back his emotions.
Head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell during a press conference in Kiev

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron also does not adhere to diplomatic protocol: “It is impossible to imagine how to wage a war among these people. They have nowhere to go. They cannot go south to Egypt, they cannot go north to return to their homes, because they destroyed.”

Joe Biden called on Israel not to attack Rafah without first developing a robust plan to protect over a million civilians. “Too many, too many – more than 27 thousand – Palestinians have died in this conflict,” he said.
However, words are words, and the West has not yet imposed sanctions against Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, an absolutely happy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with the military, takes pictures and hugs with them. The reason is the release of two hostages in Rafah. They were withdrawn under the cover of airstrikes. According to Palestinian estimates, at least 67 civilians were killed as a result.
“We really want to achieve the demilitarization of the sector,” explains Netanyahu. “And this requires security control and supreme responsibility for security throughout the entire territory west of the Jordan River, including the Gaza Strip. There is no alternative to this in the foreseeable future.”

Expert assessment The XIII annual Middle East Conference, which was held on February 13-14 in Moscow with the support of the Valdai International Discussion Club and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was devoted to the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Forum participants, in particular, warned that modern humanity has “the technologies of the gods, consciousness inherited from the Paleolithic, and institutions formed in the Middle Ages.” Therefore, it is important to look for new approaches to the world order. “The Palestinian problem is central to global security,” emphasized Vitaly Naumkin, director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Explosion after Israeli bombing in Khan Yunis

The dean of the University of International Relations at the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Mohammad Reza Deshiri, called the Israeli regime an existential threat to the entire Middle East. And he explained: Tel Aviv opposes the creation of an independent Palestine and shows racism towards its opponents. “Another regional problem is the intervention of external forces, which is carried out under the pretext of protecting Israel. The United States wants to maintain this center of tension. In turn, international organizations, including the UN, are simply watching the murder of the Palestinian people,” he was indignant.
< br>“We talk all the time about the creation of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem, but no practical steps are being taken. Moreover, without meeting the demands of the Palestinians, there will be neither peace nor stability in the region. Including during the current war, the American-Arab plan to include Israel into the Middle East security system,” said Ahmad Majdalani, a member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
And he added: the Palestinian people are ready to sacrifice thousands of lives to achieve the creation of their own state. Arab countries, in his opinion, should prioritize Palestinian interests rather than cooperation with Israel.
Wounded Palestinians in a hospital in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip

The current confrontation is the most serious in the last 30 years, said former Egyptian Foreign Minister and Dean of the School of International Relations and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo Nabil Fahmy. However, American support for Israel has made Tel Aviv impossible to hold accountable. “As a result, they do what they see fit, calling themselves a democratic state. At the same time, 70% of the victims in Gaza are women and children. This does not lead to regional security, but to the embitterment of people,” Fahmy is sure.

Among the priority measures needed to end the war between Israel and Hamas, he proposed declaring a truce, creating conditions for providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and releasing all prisoners. In addition, it is important to hold elections in Palestine and Israel so that the new authorities can agree on further peaceful coexistence.

What will happen after Former adviser to the President of Lebanon (2016-2022) Amal Abu-Zeid believes that recently the Middle East has changed for economic reasons, and politics has been in the background. The authorities believed that trade ties would strengthen regional stability. “Now the peacekeeping processes have been suspended, the economy has given way to politics. Without a solution to the Palestinian issue, life in the Middle East will not be safe,” said Amal Abu-Zeid. “But the implementation of the two-state concept is hardly possible. Israel is against this and seeks to destroy Gaza. And the Palestinian autonomy is too weak to defend its interests.”

Zeid Iyadat, director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, also does not believe in the creation of two states. “Israel is winning. There are no new ideas on how to change the situation to end the conflict. We also experience a lack of morality. At the same time, the idea of ​​an independent Palestine is very slippery. What is a Palestinian state and how can it be recognized under occupation?” – he argues.
Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

But he clarifies: this does not mean that the Palestinians should give up the right to self-determination. And he continues: it is necessary to find out why Hamas and Israel started the war, how Iran might be interested in this, what is happening in the Palestinian Authority. If the Jewish state and its citizens are drifting towards a far-right political regime, then there is no hope for dialogue. The militant wing of Hamas is also a problem for Palestine; reforms are needed here.
It is noteworthy that the Palestinian authorities support the thesis of rebooting their system and dialogue with Tel Aviv. “If we are not talking about a compromise, then as a result of a Palestinian victory, a democratic Palestine will arise in place of Israel, in which Christians and Muslims will coexist. If the Jews win, a Greater Israel will arise, and the Palestinians will be deprived of all rights. None of this leads to a solution to the conflict “We need two states: Palestine and Israel,” emphasizes permanent observer from Palestine to the UN Nasser al-Kidwa.
Speaking at the same Middle East conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that, given the uncompromising attitude of the Israeli leadership, he does not sees prospects for rapid stabilization. At the same time, Moscow continues to work on evacuating people from the Gaza Strip.


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