GENERICO.ruWorld“Let him prove it”: the congressman demanded that Biden take an unusual test

“Let him prove it”: the congressman demanded that Biden take an unusual test

MOSCOW, February 16. US President Joe Biden must pass a cognitive test that will confirm that he is capable of governing the country, said former White House doctor, member of the House of Representatives Ronny Jackson, his words are reported by Forbes.

"I would wanted to see the same enthusiasm and urgency from the press right now for President Biden to take a cognitive test as part of his physical. If he thinks that he is able to govern this country, let him prove it to us with objective data that will confirm it,” the congressman said.

He recalled that Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, himself initiated a cognitive ability test and passed it successfully.

The Republican noted that the solution to all the problems faced by the current White House administration turned out to be a complete failure. As an example, he cited the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the situation with migrants on the border with Mexico, as well as the crime rate in cities. The politician suggested that the measures that led to this situation did not come from the president himself, but from his team.
Biden is the oldest US president in history. He often makes slips in public, confusing his ministers with foreign leaders. This became the object of caustic criticism from Trump, who became his main political opponent. However, even in the Democratic camp, many prominent politicians have repeatedly called on the current head of the White House to refuse to participate in the election campaign, citing his advanced age.


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