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Tambovsky acting Minister resigned after scandal with traffic police

VORONEZH, February 15 Acting Minister of Health of the Tambov Region Alexander Ovchinnikov resigned after “inappropriate behavior” when interacting with police, the regional health ministry said.
On Monday, information appeared on Telegram channels that on Saturday, February 10, on the Caspian highway in the Tambov region, traffic police officers stopped two cars – in one of them there were traces of a roe deer carcass, and in the second there was an I. O. Minister of Health of the region Alexander Ovchinnikov. Afterwards, a video was spread online in which Ovchinnikov defiantly communicates with the police, showing his ID and clearly hinting at his position.
On Wednesday, a post appeared on the Telegram channel of the head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Alexander Khinshtein, in which the deputy directly said that the acting Minister of Health “will inevitably become an ex-” because “impudent, with a sense of permissiveness, behavior discredits honor of all government officials.”
“”Due to inappropriate behavior, I decided to resign at my own request,” Ovchinnikov was quoted as saying in the Tambov Region Ministry of Health group on VKontakte.
Ovchinnikov admitted his guilt to the police and apologized before them for “raising his voice” and speaking in an “inappropriate tone.” However, the ex-official claims that he did not break any laws or engage in poaching. He also assured that he plans to go on a business trip to new regions of Russia “to treat people “.


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