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“In large quantities.” It became known how Ukraine framed NATO

MOSCOW, February 16 Ukraine left the North Atlantic Alliance without weapons for conducting military operations against Russia, reports The Spectator.

“All funds were sent to Ukraine,” the material says.

The observer indicated that the participating countries NATO has no means left to fight Russia: the Baltic countries are already experiencing a shortage of air defense components, and if necessary, they will have to “politely” ask Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to return them back.

“Anti-aircraft weapons were transferred to Ukraine in such large quantities that we clearly don’t have enough of them,” the author of the article quotes Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur.
Making up the shortage will also not be easy, the journalist emphasized, since NATO countries are rather slowly reorganizing their military industries.
Russia In recent years, it has announced unprecedented NATO activity on its western borders. The bloc is expanding its initiatives and calling it “containing Russia.” Moscow has repeatedly expressed concern about the buildup of alliance forces in Europe. The Kremlin noted that Russia does not threaten anyone, but will not ignore actions that are potentially dangerous to its interests.
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