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Photographer Dmitry Markov died

Photographer Dmitry Markov died at the age of 42, writes Pskov Province with reference to messages from his friends.

Markov moved from the Moscow region to the Porkhovsky district of the Pskov region in 2005. The photographer himself told Afisha that he then began volunteering and went to orphanages, hospitals and shelters.

At first, Markov took pictures for volunteers, and in 2012 he started an Instagram account, where he posted pictures taken on his phone.

“I believe that I photograph ordinary people, who are the majority in our country. By and large, I still take the average temperature in the hospital. Ordinary residents, ordinary situations. The average level is here, at the bus station, in residential areas,” Markov spoke about his work in an interview with journalist Yuri Dudu.

In 2017, Apple launched an advertisement with photographs taken on the iPhone 7. Markov was also invited to participate in the campaign. His photograph, taken at the station in Pskov, appeared in New York, Paris and Tsiryukha.

In 2021, Markov, who was detained at the Moscow City Court during a meeting on replacing Alexei Navalny’s suspended sentence with a real one, took one of his most famous shots at the police department.

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