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Lawyer calls case of Kosovo fan in France politicized

PARIS, February 19 Trial against a Russian fan convicted in France Pavel Kosova was politicized from the very beginning; Russia should have been accused of involvement in the riots in Marseille, said his lawyer Alain Duflo.
“”This process was politicized from the very beginning. It was necessary to show that Russia alone was at the origins of the pogroms in Marseille (in 2016). The Scotland Yard investigation was conducted exclusively against the Russians, while they knew the identities of the British who were the instigators of the riots,” the lawyer said.
Pavel Kosov, sentenced in France to 10 years in prison, received parole and was released from prison on Monday. He will arrive in Moscow on Tuesday.

Russian fans Mikhail Ivkin and Kosov were detained in February 2018 at the request of the French authorities in Munich. Since March 2018, they have been in prisons in Marseille. Ivkin and Kosov were accused of violent acts using improvised means as weapons as part of an organized group of people, which led to the disability of English fan Andrew Bache.

In 2020, a court in the French Aix-en-Provence sentenced Ivkin and Kosov to three and ten years in prison, respectively, in the case of causing grievous injuries to an English fan during the 2016 European Football Championship. In December 2020, Ivkin was released and returned to Russia.


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