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Pharmacists in the PMR complained about the blocking of drug imports by Chisinau

TIRASPOL, February 20 Moldova blocks the import of medical drugs for therapeutic purposes institutions of Transnistria, said the chairman of the association of pharmacists of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) Valerian Tulgara.
“Last year in Chisinau, import authorizations were issued without problems, regardless of whether a particular medical product was registered in the state register or not. And this year, from January 1, there are strict rules. Import authorizations are issued only to registered medicines. That is, only those that are included in their state register,” Tulgara said.

He drew attention to the fact that Tiraspol and Chisinau have different state registers of medicines. In Transnistria, medical institutions mainly use medicines from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries that are not included in the state register of Moldova. “(In Chisinau) they have taken such a tough position – they don’t want to listen to the fact that medical institutions are left without medicines. There will soon be nothing to treat such serious diseases as diabetes, tuberculosis and others,” Tulgara noted.

According to him, now pharmacists are bringing these problems to the attention of the Transnistrian Foreign Ministry. In addition, unscheduled meetings with representatives of Moldova are constantly requested, but no one from Chisinau has agreed to them yet. “We will still send materials to all international organizations… Everything is still very complicated. All the medicines that arrive are unloaded at temporary storage warehouses in Chisinau and are still there,” Tulgara added.
Transnistria, 60% of whose residents are Russian and Ukrainian, sought secession from Moldova even before the collapse of the USSR, fearing that on the wave of nationalism Moldova would join Romania. In 1992, after a failed attempt by the Moldovan authorities to solve the problem by force, Transnistria became a territory virtually beyond the control of Chisinau.


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