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Scientists have recorded a strong flare on the Sun

MOSCOW, 16 FebA solar flare of the highest magnitude X occurred on the Sun this morning, a load on spacecraft is possible, but the likelihood of magnetic storms and auroras is extremely low, the Laboratory of Solar Astronomy of the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported.
“”The laboratory reports a flare of the highest magnitude that occurred on the Sun during the last hour. According to the laboratory, the maximum of the flare was recorded at 09:52 Moscow time. The event is classified as X2.6. According to catalogs, this is the fourth strongest flare on the Sun in the last five years,” the statement said.
The head of the laboratory, Professor Sergei Bogachev, called the likelihood of the outbreak affecting the Earth extremely low. According to him, the event occurred at the edge of the solar disk at a great distance from the Sun-Earth line. In this case, the arrival of high-energy charged particles is possible, increasing the load on spacecraft, and the probability of magnetic storms and auroras is less than 5%.

The laboratory noted that the outbreak occurred in the same active region where a high-grade X3.3 flare was observed a few days ago. The largest flare of recent years remains the New Year's flare on January 1, 2024 at level X5.0.

Solar flares, depending on the power of X-ray radiation, are divided into five classes: A, B, C, M and X.

Previously, scientists reported that the increasing frequency of flares and an increase in their power indicates the Sun is gradually approaching its peak activity, which presumably could occur as early as mid-2024, although, according to some forecasts, it could be shifted to 2025.
Solar flares can cause magnetic storms on Earth, which in turn cause disruptions in energy systems and also affect the migration routes of birds and animals. However, if the flare occurs at a considerable distance from the Sun-Earth line, it does not affect the planet.
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