GENERICO.ruRussiaYulia Navalnaya called on the EU not to recognize the election results and not to equate Russia and Putin

Yulia Navalnaya called on the EU not to recognize the election results and not to equate Russia and Putin

Alexei Navalny’s team shared details about yesterday’s meeting with European diplomats in Brussels and published the text of Yulia Navalnaya’s speech. The widow of the politician called on the EU Foreign Affairs Council not to recognize the results of the presidential elections, not to equate Russia and Putin, and to help Russian emigrants who left for political reasons.

“It is very important. Always make a distinction between Putin and Russia,” Yulia Navalnaya addressed the diplomats. — People fleeing war and dictatorship are not your enemies. They need sympathy and protection. They should not be punished, they should be helped. A mechanism similar to the modern one is neededNansen Commission. It is these people who will one day become part of the Beautiful Russia of the future. They want to help Russia become a normal country so they can return home sooner. And you should help them with this too.”

“Putin killed my husband exactly a month before the so-called elections. These elections are fake, but Putin still needs them. For propaganda. He wants the whole world to believe that everyone in Russia supports him and admires him,” added Yulia Navalnaya. – Don't believe this propaganda. Don't recognize these elections. A president who assassinated his main political opponent cannot be legitimate by definition. Introduce sanctions. Punish his so-called "confidants" — there are about 500 of them.”

The widow of the oppositionist also called for a reconsideration of the approach to sanctions against Vladimir Putin and officials and businessmen close to him: “Create a special body that will investigate informal connections, movements of money and their real owners . Let's make Putin's friends really suffer and pay for everything.”


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