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Kovalchuk spoke about her condition after breaking up with Kharlamov

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MOSCOW, February 20. Actress Ekaterina Kovalchuk posted a post on her Instagram page* in which she shared that big changes had taken place in her life, hinting at a breakup with comedian Garik Kharlamov.
“”Happy birth to me! And literally, and in a figurative sense. Today I turn 31 years old, and it feels like I was born again. Reborn. This is a lot of work. And this does not happen without pain. But what euphoria comes after. Hello, new Katya, about whom I am crazy Good luck,” Kovalchuk wrote.
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The celebrity published a motivational post on the occasion of her 31st birthday. She attached a cheerful video filmed in Hawaii to the text. There, according to a number of media reports, the star of “Unprincipled” and “Ministry” is relaxing with friends.

In early February, Garik Kharlamov became a guest of the “Natal Chart” show, where he admitted that he had broken up with Ekaterina Kovalchuk.

The star couple did not voice the reason for the separation.

Kovalchuk and Kharlamov met during the filming of the series “Hussar”, after which they began a romantic relationship. The actor officially introduced his chosen one to the public in September 2021.

Before this, Garik Kharlamov was married to the star of “Interns” Kristina Asmus.
They were considered one of the strongest couples of the domestic show -business, but in 2020 they announced a divorce after seven years of relationship. The former spouses continue to raise their daughter Anastasia together.
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