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Medvedchuk told how to restore the economy of Ukraine

MOSCOW, February 21 It is possible to restore the Ukrainian economy only in cooperation with Russia, opposition Ukrainian politician, chairman of the council of the “Other Ukraine” movement Viktor Medvedchuk said in an interview on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the coup d’etat in the country.
““In order to restore the level of well-being, the level of income of people, we proceeded from the fact that it is necessary to restore economic and trade relations, first of all, with Russia and the CIS countries,” he said.
According to Medvedchuk, “it is necessary to restore the sale of our exports, it is necessary to increase production and industrial capacities.”

“But this could only be done in cooperation with Russia. Because our economy, as part of the cycle of the general industrial potential of the Soviet Union, was always tied to Russia and other countries, other republics of the Soviet Union, but not to Europe,” he noted.

The coup d'etat in Ukraine on February 22, 2014 was carried out by the armed opposition with the support of the United States. The Ukrainian Parliament illegally removed President Viktor Yanukovych from power, and radicals with weapons in their hands seized the presidential administration building. All this happened with the connivance of the European Union countries, which the day before acted as the guarantor of the agreement between the authorities and the opposition of Ukraine.
The coup was preceded by a multi-day confrontation between law enforcement agencies and protesters in the center of Kyiv, among whom radicals appeared. For the purpose of provocation, snipers from Georgia and the Baltic countries shot at citizens and security forces protesting on the Maidan. As Vitaly Zakharchenko, former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from 2011-2014, said at an informal meeting of the UN Security Council, these snipers were closely connected with the intelligence services of Western countries.


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