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The Games of the Future tournament opens in Kazan

KAZAN, February 21 A unique international multi-sport tournament “Games of the Future”, in which more than 2 thousand athletes will take part from 107 countries, opens in Kazan on Wednesday.
“”From February 21 to March 3, the first ever Future Games will be held in Kazan – a unique sports tournament in which more than 2 thousand participants from 277 teams representing 107 countries will perform,” the organizing committee said in a statement.
Athletes and e-sportsmen from all over the world will compete in 21 innovative disciplines (16 in the main and five in the extended program), supporting the concept of phygital – combining classical sports, e-sports and technology.

The competition is divided into five “challenges”: sport, tactics, strategy, technology and speed. “Sports” combines classic sports with their digital counterparts: physical football, physical basketball, physical hockey, physical martial arts, physical racing, physical skateboarding, physical BMX and virtual cycling. “Tactics” includes computer shooters and competitions in the laser tag arena. “Strategy” features popular battle arenas from MOBA and World of Tanks games, as well as additional endurance tests. “Speed” will require participants to complete retro games as quickly as possible and then compete in physical challenges. “Technology” – competitions of drones and robots that will be controlled by participants, a dance simulator, virtual reality games, cybattles and sports programming.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the games will take place at the Kazan Expo international exhibition center.

The total prize fund of the competition is $10 million. The mascot of the “Games of the Future” was the Firebird of the WORLD. It symbolizes harmony between body and intellect and is the embodiment of energy, which consists of dynamically flowing words and codes in different languages.
The team of ambassadors for the “Games of the Future” included blogger Vlad Bumaga A4, musicians Egor Creed and DJ Smash, football players Andrei Arshavin and Artem Dzyuba. Popular streamers Alexander Paradeev1ch Paradeev and Alexey Pch3lk1n Pchelkin will also come to Kazan. 2 thousand volunteers from 20 countries, who were selected from 7 thousand applicants, will work at the tournament.
During the games, foreign delegations and more than 600 media representatives from Russia, China, the UAE, Vietnam, Cuba, Italy, Syria, France, South Africa, Latin American countries and others are planning to visit Kazan. The competition will be broadcast on 200 sites on all continents.


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