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Z-blogger Andrei “Murz” Morozov, who wrote about the losses near Avdeevka, committed suicide; in his dying post he complained about bullying

Russian army serviceman and one of the popular Z-bloggers Andrei “Murz” Morozov committed suicide. This was reported by the authors of the telegram channels “Prizrak of Novorossiya”, “Soldatskaya Pravda” and “ZAPISKI VETERAN”. Morozov’s suicide note was also posted on his channel “They Write to Us from Ioannina.”


Screenshot: telegram channel “They write to us from Ioannina”

According to preliminary information, Z- blogger shot himself. In his suicide note, he complained of persecution by “political prostitutes led by Vladimir Solovyov.”

“My enemies do not come to fight me in hand-to-hand combat, they attack me with someone else’s hands,” says the post “They write to us from Ioannina.”

On February 18, Morozov published a post in which he mentioned the death of 16 thousand Russian soldiers in the battles for Avdeevka. The publication caused a lot of discussion in other Z-channels; The blogger, including, was fiercely criticized by propagandists Yulia Vityazeva and Armen Gasparyan on the air of Solovyov LIVE.

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On February 20, Morozov deleted the post. In his suicide note, he also mentioned that he was forced to do this.

“Comrade Colonel, on your order, I was forced to delete the post from my telegram channel “They are writing to us from Ioannina.” And your command forced you to give this order, relying on good old army collective responsibility. If it doesn’t remove it, we won’t provide supplies. Shells. Copters. New tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. And he, your command, was forced to do this by political prostitutes led by Vladimir Solovyov, who are pissing themselves to come and pull the trigger. Well, I'll do it myself. I will shoot myself if no one dares to take on this trifling matter. And they will give you tanks and copters,” the message says.

After the post was removed, on February 20, a meeting between Putin and Shoigu took place in the Kremlin, at which the capture of Avdeevka was discussed. The Minister of Defense reported on the capture of the city “with minimal losses.”

Morozov is one of the founders of the “Coordination Center for Assistance to Novorossiya” and the former leader of the national-Stalinist group “Red Blitzkrieg”. In the 2000s, he carried out several provocative actions – in particular, he threw tomatoes at politician Ilya Yashin, publicist Yulia Latynina and editor-in-chief of Moskovsky Komsomolets Pavel Gusev.

In 2008, Morozov was sentenced to three years in prison after shelling the United Russia office on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. From 2014 to 2015, as the blogger himself reported, he participated in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.


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