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Woman survives being trampled by cows

A woman survived after being trampled by cows

In England, a woman survived after of being trampled by a herd of cows. The British tabloid Daily Star reported about the miraculous rescue.

According to the Englishwoman, the incident occurred while she was walking her dog. 57-year-old Janike Ivedt was walking her pet and decided to walk with him through a herd of cows. However, as soon as the woman took a few steps towards these animals, 15 artiodactyls attacked her, began to push her, and when she fell, they began to trample her with all their might. As a result, the woman suffered broken ribs and numerous internal injuries. The publication published a photograph of her from the hospital: it also shows abrasions and redness on her face and hands.

“I had hoof prints, bruises, cuts and abrasions all over my body,” the victim said. She added that she still experiences anxiety when she walks through the countryside and sees cattle. A farmer who owned a field where aggressive cows roamed was ultimately fined $6,000. The court statement said that if he had isolated the cattle, the incident could have been avoided.

Earlier, MK told how wintering of livestock is going on in the Tere-Kholsky region of the Republic of Tuva: although the event is difficult, there is no loss of livestock. Cattle breeders Kadr Shagdir and Choduraa Khertek received 10 cows, and they already have 22 heads of cows, 16 horses and 30 sheep on their farm.


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