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Kuleba suggested that Berbock change the spelling of Odessa in German

MOSCOW, February 24 Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba proposed to the German colleague Annalena Bärbock to change the official spelling of the name of Odessa in German, the Dumskaya publication reported on the Telegram channel.
“”Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba suggested to his German colleague Annalena Bärbock, who visited Odessa today, to transliterate the name of Odessa into German language from Ukrainian, with one letter “s,” the publication says.

Berbock, in turn, stated that, according to the rules of the German language, the name “Odessa” with one “s” will be read as “ Odeza.”

Earlier, the German Embassy in Ukraine reported that the German Foreign Ministry had changed the transliteration of the name of the city of Kiev from Kiew to Kyjiw in its list of names for official use.
According to information from the German Embassy, ​​the list names are decisive for official bodies and are used by many enterprises. It is noted that the new transliteration will be used on websites, signs at the German Embassy in Ukraine and in the “official press”.


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