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Slutsky urged to go until victory in the special operation

MOSCOW, February 24 During the special operation ” It was and will not be easy for us,” but it was a conscious choice, Russia must storm and win, wrote the LDPR presidential candidate from the LDPR, head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky in his Telegram channel on the anniversary of the start of the Northern Military District.
“Exactly two years ago, Russia took a decisive and, as time shows, the right step. We raised our heads, straightened our shoulders and set out in a monolithic formation to defend the Russians, the Russian world, the future of Russian civilization. It was not and will not be easy for us. But this is a conscious the choice of a strong nation. With this feeling, we must go for a decisive assault. The last one, until Victory. Until the complete Victory of Russian weapons! “, the parliamentarian said.

He added that since the beginning of the Northern Military District, Russia has been living in a new reality – some countries have abandoned partnerships with the Russian Federation, and “traitors” to Russia have also gone abroad. According to Slutsky, having learned to live in a new way, Russia has become stronger and more united.

“Our soldiers must return home with Victory. This will happen soon. The day of the start of hostilities is historically never a holiday, but we will definitely celebrate the Victory. And let us remember everyone who, without sparing themselves, it is at the front and in the rear,” the parliamentarian concluded.


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