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Illegal nightclub to be closed in Kursk

VORONEZH, February 26 The nightclub “Shelter 13” in Kursk, which illegally operates in an anti-radiation shelter, will be closed after a corresponding court decision, the regional prosecutor’s office said.
According to the Shot Telegram channel, Vault 13 once again hosted a party with a “half-naked dress code.” After footage of naked boys and girls with deep necklines spread on social networks, the organizers removed information about the dress code from public access and announced a “modest lecture on rural development.”
According to the prosecutor's office, the nightclub “Shelter 13” is illegally located in an anti-radiation shelter in Kursk. The court decided that this premises will be transferred to state ownership.

“Currently, the court decision has not entered into legal force, since it has been appealed by the defendant. The complaint will be considered by the 19th Arbitration Court of Appeal in the city of Voronezh. The court hearing is scheduled for March 13. If the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Kursk Region will remain unchanged, it will enter into legal force,” the message says.

The prosecutor's office said that after the court decision enters into legal force, a writ of execution will be requested and it will be sent to the bailiff service to enforce the court decision. However, according to the law, the defendant has the right to appeal the court decision.


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