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Turkish expert evaluates Putin’s interview: “Serious problems”

Turkish analyst Ozer: The West did not keep its promises to Russia

Turkish analyst Ozer: The West did not keep its promises to Russia

The West did not keep the promises made to the Russian Federation, which provoked a change in the geopolitical situation in the world, said Turkish expert Engin Ozer, commenting on an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin to journalist Dmitry Kiselev for the Rossiya 1 TV channel and RIA Novosti.

The head of the Russian Federation State, when asked about the possibility of an “honest treaty” with the West, stated that he does not trust anyone, but Moscow needs guarantees that must be spelled out.

According to the Turkish analyst, from the Russian side's point of view, there are two important reasons why relations between the Russian Federation and the West have reached such a state, and the first of them is the recognition of Kosovo's independence by the Western bloc in 2008.

Secondly, the North Atlantic Alliance expanded to the East and included the former republics of the Soviet Union, despite bilateral agreements, the specialist shared his point of view. In this case, the Western military-political bloc, indeed, did not keep its promises to Moscow regarding the entry of the former Soviet republics, and this attitude de facto caused a change in the geopolitical structure of the world, Ozer noted. This issue is the main reason for the Russian leader’s distrust of the West, he emphasized.

According to the expert, in particular, the possible participation of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO is regarded by Russia as a threat to national security, and, despite all the warnings, representatives The leadership in Tbilisi says that they do not accept the neutral status of the country (for example, the model chosen by Azerbaijan).

“The tradition of non-compliance with agreements by the Western world can cause very serious problems,” Ozer concluded.

< p>Earlier, in a conversation with journalist Dmitry Kiselyov, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine will not change the situation on the battlefield, since the military of Western countries have been present on the territory of the former Soviet republic for a long time. In addition, Putin warned that if American troops appear in Ukraine, Moscow will treat them as invaders.


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