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Norway is drowning in hatred towards Russia. Is the battle between Bolshunov and Klebo over?


Rating of the World Cup in cross-country skiing is flying down. The Norwegians feel less and less resistance on the track, and many fans from all over the world miss the battles with the Russians. Now they are talking about inviting Klebo and company to Russia for a match between the two teams. The main question: is this even real?

Where can I get the money?
The idea was submitted by Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin. As Elena Vyalbe, head of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR), said, all this was unofficial, at the level of conversations. The premise, of course, is interesting, but in the current situation it is practically impossible.

“On top of everything else, there is also a financial question, where to get the money to invite Norwegians to Russia? Nobody will go just like that,” Vyalbe emphasized.

The financial issue is, of course, important. But even if we assume that the Russian side comes up with an offer that is attractive to the Norwegians, then who will let them go to Russia? We contacted Arne Baumann, Secretary General of the Norwegian Ski Association. Surprisingly, the answer came almost immediately.

“In the current situation, the Norwegian federation takes the same position as the rest of the sports world when it comes to competitions with Russian athletes. Our skiers share this opinion and do not want to compete in such competitions now,” Baumann emphasized.

“We can only wait and hope”
It is somewhat confusing that Mr. Baumann answered so categorically not only for the federation, but also for Norwegian skiers. But the line of thought is clear: you can attract athletes with fees, but no one will risk their career for any money. Longtime acquaintance, journalist and commentator on the NRK television channel Jan Petter Saltvedt confirmed the above even without leading questions.

“There is now no chance that Norwegian skiers will compete with the Russians. Neither in Russia nor anywhere else. Even if some of them wanted to, they would not be allowed to compete in Russia. In the meantime, Russian skiers are not allowed to participate in international tournaments, we can only wait and hope that the military conflict will end soon,” Saltvedt noted.

All ski racing fans miss the fight between Russians and Norwegians. Of course, I would like to return to the previous competition format. But don’t forget that from Europe everything looks a little different. The Russians are now enemies. And not only on the ski track. And victories with minimal competition are unlikely to become boring for any of the Norwegian athletes.

Klebo, over there, won the marathon for the first time in his career 50 kilometers in classic style. Here you don’t even have to check it, but just confirm it right away. None of the Western media will write: “Klebo won the marathon for the first time in the absence of the Russians.” So don’t indulge yourself with vain hopes.

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