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The sergeant received 20 years in the case of a fire in a club in Kostroma

MOSCOW, March 14 The Second Western District Military Court sentenced military Stanislav Ionkin to 20 years in a maximum security colony who started a fire in the Kostroma club “Polygon”, which killed 13 people, reports a correspondent from the courtroom.
“By partial addition, the accused Ionkin will be finally sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 20 years to be served in a maximum security colony,” the judge announced the decision. The prosecutor demanded 16 years in prison for him.

Ionkin was also stripped of the rank of guard sergeant and the medal “For Courage”; in civil suits he will have to pay a total of 14.5 million rubles to the victims, including relatives of the victims. In addition, the court ordered Ionkin to compensate the owner of the building and the organizer of the club's work for 45 million rubles in material damage.

Before the hearing, Ionkin told reporters that he repented, but did not agree with the classification of the act. According to the military man, he only agrees with the charge under Article 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Causing death by negligence).

A major fire occurred in the Polygon cafe in Kostroma on the night of November 5, 2022, killing 13 people. According to the prosecution, Sergeant Ionkin, during a quarrel with one of the visitors, fired a flare gun, after which the ceiling of the club burst into flames, then the fire engulfed the entire building.
The defense argued that Ionkin, after the concussion, could not accurately assess the situation. He claimed that he was hit first, was forced to defend himself and did not know that the ceiling was made of flammable material and could catch fire. The defendant pleaded guilty except for intent to murder.

At first he was charged with a light charge of “causing death by negligence,” but by the time the case came to court, the sergeant was charged with a number of serious charges: murder in a generally dangerous manner, hooliganism, causing harm to health of moderate gravity, destruction of property.

According to the Kommersant newspaper, Ionkin lived in the Sverdlovsk region, and after receiving a wound and concussion in the Northern Military District, he ended up in Kostroma, where he was supposed to undergo military medical commission.
In addition to the direct culprit, a deputy of the Kostroma Regional Duma, the owner of the building of the burned Polygon club, Ikhtiyar Mirzoev, and the director of the Empire company, Natalya Belenogova, who organized the work of the club, were arrested. They were later released under house arrest. This case has not yet reached a verdict.


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