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The States warned of a new threat to Abrams in Ukraine

MOSCOW, March 14. Russian tanks and artillery will certainly inflict new losses on American M1 Abrams tanks in Ukraine, wrote Forbes military columnist David Ax.
The expert is confident that the modernization of Ukrainian vehicles will not save them from the vast arsenal of the Russian Armed Forces.
< br>“It will not prevent what will almost certainly happen in the coming weeks and months: <…> losses from mines, artillery and perhaps even other tanks,” the journalist noted.

< br>According to Ax, the American main battle tank on the battlefield is vulnerable to the same extent as any other heavy equipment involved in the Ukrainian conflict.
““It’s time to get used to the destroyed and abandoned Abrams in Ukraine,” he advised readers.

M1 Abrams is the main battle tank of the United States, serial production began in 1980. It is in service with the American Army and Marine Corps, as well as the armed forces of Egypt, Australia, Morocco and some Middle Eastern states. The M1 Abrams is one of the heaviest tanks, its combat weight exceeds 62 tons. It is equipped with a 120 mm smoothbore gun. The tank has strong armor only at the front, a powerful engine with increased fuel consumption and heat radiation, manual loading of the gun instead of automatic, a vulnerable additional engine and a high price.
The United States promised to transfer 31 Abrams units to Kiev, the media reported the start of deliveries in September last year of the year. At the same time, as The Wall Street Journal wrote, Ukrainian officials admitted that the appearance of these vehicles in the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not be able to change the situation at the front.
Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of three Abrams tanks in the special operation zone. One of them was knocked out using Ghoul kamikaze drones. As a representative of the manufacturer of these drones said, the vehicle came very close to the positions of the Russian military, who shot down its track with an RPG-7 grenade launcher. They then used two UAVs and burned the stopped tank.


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