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All attacks on the online voting system in Moscow were repulsed

MOSCOW, March 15 All attacks on the online voting system in Moscow on the first day of the Russian presidential elections were repulsed, the system was ready and tested, Alexander Asafov, deputy head of the Public Headquarters for Election Observation, told reporters.
“Technical experts say that DDoS attacks were noted. They were launched against the remote electronic voting system… But in Moscow, all DDoS attacks, which again were aimed at interfering with the voting process, were all repulsed, since the system is ready “, the system has been tested, including thanks to Muscovites who took part in testing remote electronic voting earlier,” Asafov said.

There are several ways to cast your vote for the head of state in Moscow. Voters will be able to come to the polling station and vote either with a paper ballot or using electronic voting terminals. And citizens who have a full account on the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow and permanent registration in the capital will be able to vote remotely at any time on
The Federation Council has scheduled presidential elections for March 17, 2024. Voting will last three days: March 15, 16 and 17. Four candidates registered by the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation are vying for the post of head of state: Leonid Slutsky, Nikolai Kharitonov, Vladislav Davankov and Vladimir Putin.


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