GENERICO.ruAutoBMW has published a teaser of the interior of the new crossover. This is probably the next generation iX3

BMW has published a teaser of the interior of the new crossover. This is probably the next generation iX3

The Bavarian company is going to declassify the new concept, which is called Vision Neue Klasse X, within the next few days.

The Bavarian automaker is preparing for the imminent presentation of its next conceptual innovation. This time, its role will be played by a new crossover, which will be based on a platform designed specifically for electric vehicles. They decided to give the show car the name BMW Vision Neue Klasse X; apparently, it is closely related to the Vision Neue Klasse concept sedan presented in September last year, which is considered the prototype of the future BMW 3 series electric train.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept 1/2 BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2/2 Concept

The company intends to declassify a new concept, this time in the SUV segment, within the next few days. BMW accompanied the announcement with a single teaser, which shows part of the white and orange interior of the future electric car. In the picture you can see parts of the headrests of the front seats, the steering wheel, the front panel, as well as the central tunnel and the interior rear-view mirror, and in the center is the touchscreen of the infotainment system, which has an unusual shape.

Interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept

Note that a touch screen of the same hexagonal shape was installed in the interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept sedan. It is possible that other interior features have also been moved. Thus, the version with an “X” addition could receive a new generation iDrive system, and the role of the virtual instrument panel would probably go to the BMW Panoramic Vision display, which is located at the bottom of the windshield. The driver can select the information displayed on it using the multimedia screen. The system also includes a voice assistant and a 3D projector at the level of the driver’s gaze.

Teaser of the concept crossover interior BMW Vision Neue Class X

It is possible that the Vision Neue Klasse X concept will subsequently form the basis of the next generation BMW iX3. Let us remind you that the production of a completely “green” version of the crossover started back in 2020, and the company is now developing a new generation of this model. According to rumors that previously appeared in the media, such an “electric SUV” will switch to the Neue Klasse platform during the generation change. According to preliminary data, the model will receive more compact and lighter lithium-ion batteries of the next generation, which will be able to provide the SUV with a range of up to 800 km on a single charge.

In the photo: the current crossover BMW iX3 M Sport 1/2 In the photo: the current crossover BMW iX3 M Sport 2/2

There are no other details about the “green” new product yet. It is expected that the fourth generation BMW X3 will continue to have petrol, diesel and hybrid versions. According to rumors, this SUV will be larger than the current version. It is assumed that mass production of the next generation BMW X3 will start in August of this year, and the model with an internal combustion engine will probably be retired in 2033.

It recently became known that the BMW X3 was affected in connection with the ongoing dieselgate, although at that time we were talking about versions equipped with 2.0-liter diesel engines, released during the period 2010 to 2014. Deutsche Umwelt Hilfe, which carried out the inspection, said it had discovered an “illegal device” that allowed some BMW vehicles to reduce their actual emissions during tests.


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