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Defeat is near. It became known that NATO sent to Ukraine

MOSCOW, March 16 The North Atlantic Alliance supplied Ukraine with old weapons, which does not help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in battles with the Russian military, writes The National Interest.

"One of the most persistent fictions spread by the Western press and NATO heads is that the weapons they supply to Ukraine help it continue the fight with Russia. In fact, most of the weapons transferred to Kiev turned out to be nothing more than rubbish,” the material says.

According to the observer, despite statements by Western leaders about the need to continue to help Ukraine in the conflict with Russia , the quality of the NATO weapons contradicts their calls, since they do not help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in any way: Western tanks and armored vehicles are either not suitable for the conditions in this region, or are too outdated for effective use, and they are easily destroyed by the Russian military.

"Two years later, the war appears to be coming to an end, and Ukraine's defeat is near. The West is only delaying the inevitable by throwing out its old weapons to the Ukrainians,” the author of the article summarized.

On Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Ukrainian military was suffering significant losses as a result of the use of high-precision weapons and strike drones by Russian troops. The department also noted that in just the last week, three American Patriot air defense systems were destroyed by Russian reconnaissance and strike systems.


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