GENERICO.ruPoliticsThe value of the leaked Pentagon documents for Russia is named

The value of the leaked Pentagon documents for Russia is named

Litovkin: the “leaked” Pentagon documents about the battle for Artemovsk are valuable for Russia

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Military expert Viktor Litovkin told why documents about the details of the battle for Artemovsk, which were leaked, are valuable for Russia The Pentagon.

According to the analyst, the documents are of great value, since based on the data they contain, one can better understand the logic of NATO's military operations.

Litovkin explained that the Russian military is studying the logic those who made decisions on the defense of Artemovsk. And the same will happen when defending Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and beyond.

In addition, it is thanks to the leaked information that you can look at what happened from the enemy’s side and understand exactly why his operation failed, the expert concluded.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported a strike by the Russian Armed Forces on the site of a meeting of commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine.


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