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Tank 330 with V6 engine enters the market as a limited top version

The Tank brand, owned by the Chinese company Great Wall Motor, launched a frame SUV with index 330: it is equipped with 3.0- liter petrol V6 biturbo engine with 354 hp power. and will be released in limited edition.

The Tank 330 is nothing more than a more powerful version of the frame SUV Tank 300, already well-known in Russia. The regular Tank 300, we recall, is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline “turbo-four” (220 hp, 380 Nm) in pairs with an 8-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission, and the Tank 330 received a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo petrol engine from the older Tank 500 model: under the hood of the Tank 330 it produces 354 hp. and 500 Nm, transmission – 9-speed hydromechanical “automatic”.

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The idea of ​​creating the Tank 330 was born among Great Wall Motor marketers last spring in the wake of the growing popularity of the newly launched Tank brand: the company decided to test the potential demand for a Tank 300 with a powerful V6 engine in crowdfunding mode and received a thousand applications with an advance payment in just six seconds. Last weekend, the serial Tank 330 entered the Chinese market with a fixed price of 330,000 yuan (4.2 million rubles in translation at the current exchange rate), it will be released in an edition of 1000 copies, which will go to the owners of the armor, but subsequently there will be additional editions – however, also limited.

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The Tank 330 has reinforced bumpers (a guard and a winch are built into the front one), steel sill and underbody protection, a hood trim with two air intakes and durable wheels with beadlocks, shod with “toothy” tires of size 265/70 R 18. The overall length of the Tank 330 is – 4772 mm, width – 1970 mm, height – 1960 mm, wheelbase – 2750 mm. Ground clearance – 242 mm (18 mm more than the Tank 300), approach angle – 36 degrees, departure angle – 33 degrees, ramp angle – 25 degrees, fording depth – 750 mm.

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The interior is the same as that of the Tank 300, but with the most complete equipment and rich finishing, on the headrests of the front seats there are embossed inscriptions 330 VE6, the letter E indicates that the gasoline engine is equipped with a mild hybrid add-on in the form of a 48-volt starter-generator.

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The Tank 330 all-wheel drive system uses a power take-off clutch on the front axle; it operates in automatic mode by default (mode 4A), but it can be forcibly locked (mode 4H) or vice versa released (mode 2H) to drive in rear-wheel drive. Mode 4L includes a reduction gear in the transfer case (2.64). The front and rear cross-axle differentials are also equipped with forced locking. Tank 330 curb weight is 2480 kg, gross weight is 2955 kg, permissible towed trailer weight is 2500 kg.

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For Russia, the Tank 330 has not been officially announced at the moment, although there are already quite a lot of wealthy fans of the Tank 300 in our country, the 330 version would also probably find its client.


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