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The Belgorod region came under fire again, three people were injured; the governor announced that 9 thousand children would be taken out of the region

About nine thousand children are going to be taken out of the Belgorod region in the near future due to shelling, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced this at a meeting of the Presidium of the General Council of United Russia.

Gladkov began his speech with a report on the turnout at voting, which “was 87%”; according to him, more than 90% of voters voted for the “leader” in the Belgorod region, while the elections were held in a state of “increasing tension” – in a week, 16 civilians were killed and another 98 people were injured due to shelling in the region.

“Including a girl who just lost her arm during shelling, so the tension is quite high. In the Grayvoronsky district we are resettling a large number of villages; now we are planning to remove about nine thousand children from Belgorod, the Belgorod district, the Shebekinsky district and the Grayvoronsky district. On the 22nd, 1.2 thousand children go to Penza, Tambov and Kaluga, then the Stavropol Territory,” Gladkov said.

At a party meeting, Gladkov said that in the Grayvoronsky district this morning “they finally destroyed a substation, The district is completely without power.” “It’s unclear when we’ll restore it, because the mobile station won’t have enough voltage,” the governor added.

The Belgorod region today once again came under fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to the telegram channel of the head of the region. According to preliminary data, three people were injured.

“In the village of Razumnoye, two people were injured as a result of shrapnel hitting a private residential building: a 14-year-old teenager had a partial amputation of his upper limb, shrapnel wounds to the chest and left lower limb, his mother had shrapnel wounds to her neck, abdominal cavity and lower extremities. Both victims are in serious condition. Another woman was injured in the village; she was on the street at the time of the attack,” Gladkov said.

In total, according to preliminary information, ten private houses, several apartments were damaged, windows were broken in the school and kindergarten buildings, and 13 cars were also damaged, three of which were burned, the report says.

NewsChannel One closed comments on VKontakte after subscribers complained about ignoring the shelling of Belgorod


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