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In Orenburg, the administrator and art director of a gay bar were sent to a pre-trial detention center in the case of an extremist “international LGBT association”

The Central District Court of Orenburg placed two employees of the gay bar Pose in pre-trial detention – an administrator and an art director. As reported in court, they are accused of creating a branch of an “international public association of LGBT people.” This is the first known criminal case after LGBT people were recognized as an “extremist organization” in Russia.

The suppression hearings were held behind closed doors. The Orenburg publication publishes photographs of those arrested from the courtroom and their names: the administrator of Pose is Diana Kamilyanova, and the art director of the club is Alexander Klimov.

The bar on Shevchenko Street, which opened in 2021, regularly held parties with drag shows. They called themselves “the first thematic establishment” of the city, and after the adoption of the law on “LGBT propaganda” they began to present themselves as a “bar-theater of parodies” and a “night bar with a show program ” As a precaution, the bar's managers did not write the address on social networks; they were not on Yandex and Google maps.

On March 9, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with riot police, conducted a raid in the bar, footage of which was posted by members of the pro-government movement “Russian Community of Orenburg”. Partygoers, some in their underwear, were filmed forced to lie on the floor and stand against the wall, and then were asked what they were doing in the “fag club.” Unlike the security forces, the faces of the visitors were not blurred out on the video.

The vigilantes claimed that they also came to search the club’s administrator and employee. These were probably the two arrested. The authors of the “Russian Community” noted that in the club and at home from the club’s leaders, in addition to equipment, wigs, “sets of women’s clothing” and “false female breasts” were confiscated. 20 club visitors were forced to write “statements about the club’s illegal activities aimed at promoting LGBT people.”

A week and a half later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs officially reported on the raid and provided similar details with similar wording.

The press service of the Central Court of Orenburg, in its publication about the meeting, outed the arrested: the first detail that is mentioned about the Pose employees is that they “persons with non-traditional sexual orientation” themselves.

1ArticleFree News published the Supreme Court decision banning the “international LGBT movement.” Mediazona publishes key excerpts

In addition, court representatives described the work responsibilities of the club’s employees: the administrator selected staff and “performed financial and economic functions,” and the art director looked for drag artists and ran the club’s telegram channel . Both, according to the security forces, simultaneously “promoted non-traditional sexual relationships.”

The article on organizing the work of an extremist organization carries up to 10 years in prison (Part 1 of Article 282.2 of the Criminal Code). The Supreme Court of Russia, at the request of the Ministry of Justice, recognized the “international LGBT movement” as extremist in December 2023; the decision came into force on January 10, 2024. Although the meeting was closed, the text of the resolution was soon published by the Saratov publication Svobodnye Novosti.

Updated at 15:34. Added details about the names of those arrested.


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