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“Natasha Rostova is close to me”: Adelia Petrosyan – about tastes, Jackson and the future


Adelia Petrosyan won the award voting in the category “Best Athlete 2023″ of the year”. Adelia came to the sports editorial office to receive her award and in an exclusive interview told how she was preparing to graduate from school early, whether she would leave the short program for the second season and which jump she would perform cleanly, even if she were woken up in the middle of the night.

— Readers Sports voted for you as the best athlete in Russia. What would you like to tell them?

— I would like to thank the readers, my fans, for their opinion that I deserve this award. This is a great trust, which I am very pleased with, but at the same time a great responsibility.

— The long, difficult season is over. What rating would you give it?

— I’m happy that I didn’t lower the bar or make the content easier. Well, and the most important thing is that I haven’t missed a single start this season – this is very important for every athlete.

— Your short program “Jackson” turned out to be very successful. Solid, sonorous, memorable. Do you have any regrets about having to say goodbye to her? Maybe there are plans to leave her for the second season?

— There is no such plan, because our programs are changed every year. But I’m not parting with Jackson yet, because we still have a whole month of ice shows for the Eteri Tutberidze team, where I will be skating this program. So viewers will see her again.

— Maybe in the future we can make it into a gala number for exhibitions?

— It's possible. Need to discuss with coaches.

— For figure skaters, when the season ends, busy studies usually begin. How do you cope with school, do you keep up with everything?

– I study by correspondence, the teachers always meet halfway. I am very grateful to them, without this it would have been much more difficult. I do my homework between ice breaks and in the evening at home. Overall, I manage everything. Now I'm preparing for exams.

—What class are you in?

– Eleventh. I went to school a year early, I wanted it that way – I was bored in kindergarten.

—Have you decided on a university?

—I have thoughts, I’ve decided, but to reveal for now I won’t, I want to enroll first. Let this be a little secret for now (smiles).

— From the outside it seems that one of your main qualities is discipline. Does it happen in life to show self-will, argue, disagree?

“This often manifests itself in life; I’m not very flexible.” It’s just that during competitions I have to concentrate a lot, I try to do everything clearly. I become very balanced, I try to listen to the coaches and do everything correctly.
Concentration for me is one of the most important qualities so that I can be satisfied with the results.

— Which quadruple jump do you think is the best? difficult, and which is the simplest?

— The most convenient for me is a quadruple flip. Salchow is the most inconvenient. Either triple or quadruple. That's why I'm not jumping it now.

strong>—Why do you think this is so? Like the Salchow – a fairly simple jump, it is one of the first to be taught if we are talking about single jumps. It’s certainly simpler than a quadruple flip, as it seems to an outsider.

— There are universal athletes who jump equally on both feet. Sometimes it happens that someone is more comfortable with the right or left. I’m more comfortable with the right hand, so the Salchow is not easy.

— Is there a jump that you can do 10 out of 10, as they say, if you are woken up at night?

— Triple flip, perhaps. I’ll get up and jump.

— Lately, you seem to have significantly increased in height. Is this true? And so every season I add 2 centimeters. This does not affect the elements. It’s the weight that influences it (smiles).

– But it seems to be quite stable and optimal for you?

– Yes, so far it’s possible to keep it. I will try to continue to hold it.

— At the Spartakiad it seemed that your form was perhaps the best of the season. By the end of the program, they not only didn’t get tired, they even sped up and invested even more into the image. Could this be due to the fact that athletes are usually ready to compete at the World Championships at this calendar time?

– In principle, for me, usually February-March is the time of peak form. It just becomes easier to jump and ride.

— I know that your mother and her dog go to some tournaments with you. Can we say that they are your talismans for good luck and confidence?

– I don’t have talismans, but my mother travels with me all my life – this is already a tradition. She is my support, my assistant in some matters. I do my makeup myself, but she helps with hairstyles.

We rarely take the dog with us, because it is harmful for them to fly. So only when the flight is very short, we can take it.

— In general, are talismans helpful or harmful for an athlete? After all, if you yourself have endowed some thing with magical powers, and then accidentally forgot to take it to the competition, this may prevent you from getting ready for the start.

— Surely talismans help someone, I can only be happy for them. In my case, only the right attitude and internal work on myself works. The belief that everything will work out.

— At the World Youth Festival, which was recently held in Sirius, Zhenya Medvedeva, Kamila Valieva and Mark Kondratyuk took part in one of the discussions. There they shared secrets that each of them begins to lace their skates with their left foot. And you?

— Ha-ha, I’m also on the left. But this is not superstition either. I just need to tie the right one tighter, so I somehow adjust the degree of tension to the left one as a model.

— Are you planning an off-season vacation?

— I’m really looking forward to it! It will be the sea. I'll fly there to recover. Plus there will be a meeting with relatives and friends whom I have not seen for a long time. Well, all this time – intensive preparation for the Unified State Exam.

— Exams are already on the 20th of May, so you don’t have much choice. In addition, you can always find an opportunity to combine it. Set aside time for both.

—You went to school early, you finish early too, you treat your studies like an adult. Here, first of all, we went to the shelves with books. The nickname “prodigy” has not stuck with you, by any chance?

— No (laughs). I just love books. I found a lot of people I know here and new ones too.

— Which book would you single out for yourself as the most iconic?

— “War and Peace.” A brilliant work, my comments are unnecessary here. I am very close to the image of Natasha Rostova, her feelings.

I love the poems of Tsvetaeva and Akhmatova, I recently read Akhmatova’s “Requiem” – such a feeling was left after reading it. Lump in throat.

—Didn’t you write poetry yourself?

—No. Well, I only tried it a little in childhood, maybe. I don't think I would be very good at it, so it's just for fun. And in any case, I like reading more.


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