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Negotiations on Ukraine are already underway, but without the participation of the EU, says Le Pen

PARIS, March 20 Negotiations to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, despite the reluctance of the West, they are already underway, they are taking place with the participation of Turkey and China, and France and the EU, which “naturally” should have participated in them, are excluded from this process, said the leader of the National Rally faction in the French parliament Marine Le Pen in broadcast on France Inter radio station.
“Today negotiations are taking place, and we know this, but they are taking place without the participation of France and without the participation of Europe. They are going through Turkey, they are going through China. We are completely excluded from the conflict that is happening on our doorstep, and in which we would It is completely natural to participate in the capacity of an arbitrator and negotiator,” she said.

In her opinion, “the only way to help Ukraine is to potentially give it a way to approach negotiations from a position of strength,” and this is also the only reason to supply it with weapons.

“But the French government does not want this, this is not its goal… A few months after the start of the war, Vladimir Zelensky was ready for negotiations, but I have the impression that he was prevented by a number of countries that had a different point of view on events,” – she added.
Moscow has repeatedly indicated that it is ready for negotiations, but Kyiv has introduced a ban on them at the legislative level. The West is calling on Russia for negotiations, which Moscow is willing to do, but at the same time the West is ignoring Kyiv’s constant refusals to engage in dialogue. The Kremlin stated that there are currently no prerequisites for the situation in Ukraine to transition to a peaceful direction; the absolute priority for Russia is to achieve the goals of the special operation; at the moment this is only possible through military means. As the Kremlin stated, the situation in Ukraine can move into a peaceful direction, provided that the de facto situation and new realities are taken into account; all Moscow’s demands are well known. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that if Ukraine wants a negotiation process, then theatrical gestures are not needed, the decree prohibiting negotiations with Russia must be repealed. According to him, Russia has never been against resolving the conflict in Ukraine through peaceful means, but subject to the security guarantees of the Russian Federation.


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